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Enhancing the STEM Framework

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This is a great article because even though it was published in the mist of COVID-19, it applies vividly today.  As we adapt instruction to educate students and support social-emotional learning, we must collaboratively seek new solutions to these dynamic, real-word issues in our global society. As educators preparing the next generation of global solution-seekers, how can we foster our students to become engaged, motivated, and literate citizens who work across disciplines, cultures, and identities?

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You have a great point. I am a senior at Wartburg College and I am majoring in elementary Education. I think the best thing you can do in your classroom is to be authentic and show that you are a person who teaches, not a teacher. I think this drives social-emotional learning in the classroom if you show that you are a person who has feelings, just like your students. This creates such a genuine connection that we unfortunately lost during COVID-19. 

For student engagement, problem-based learning and project-based learning are two huge things that allow students choice, and some challenge that keeps them engaged. The easiest way to lose students is to lecture at them and have them write notes. We should allow peer interaction daily, to foster new perceptions and ideas. 

Lastly, I thinik the best way we can encourage students to be motivated in your classroom is to show them you care about them. I have seen in multiple field experiences where teachers start the day off with a morning meeting. This allows for students to tell you how they are doing and gives them a chance to talk about what their life looks like outside of school. For older students, using a 9 picture feeling grid always gets the students talking about how they are doing. You learn a lot from students just by listening to their conversations with each other. 


Greetings from the Philippines! I am presently a STEM School Coordinator in one of the private schools in the Province of Rizal, Philippines. As part of my work is to enhance the STEM skills of students and teachers. Our first STEM webinar is about GET INSPIRED WITH STEM EDUCATION, we promote STEM by giving them inspirations, benefits and future careers. Our speakers are actually the successful professional who enjoyed much of teaching science and mathematics as well as technology and engineering. The second webinar that we have is STEM CAMP. Here we presented all required subjects to be learned in STEM like math, physics, chemistry, biology and technology. Our speakers were the  science and math experts and students were given a chunk of what are the skills required for them to succeed in STEM. The 3rd webinar that we had is about STEM teachers training  involving online classes. We need to train our STEM teachers in online classes because we want to connect with the world in STEM education. Together, let us enahnce our STEM education and a build a strong foundation among our students, STEM in mind and at heart. 

Currently, I am writing books and modules for post-pandemic , introducing the STEM-based approach in teaching, with camping ideas that include sensemaking ideas. I am right now writing the books from Kinder to Grade 12. I hope I could collaborate with you in this endeavor.  You can contact me at [email protected] for other details of my project. Thank you

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