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YouTube based physics mechancis video labs

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Catherine Tremper Lee Trampleasure 260 Points


I have been working on a collection of video labs to allow students to complete several mechanics labs from home with just a web browser. My goal was to create an environmnet that matched, as closely as possible, the experiences students would have in the classroom, and to be accessible to students on any platform (they can use their phones, but the numbers on the timer and tape measures will be tiny).

All videos are hosted on YouTube, and each lab has several videos you can assign to students/groups so they aren't all doing the same lab. The units are based on AMTA Modeling Instruction 'Paradigm' labs, but can be used by anyone. I have created three sets so far:

  1. Constant velocity (aka the buggy lab)
  2. Constant acceleration (a cart rolling down a ramp)
  3. Acceleration as a function of force and of mass (aka modified Atwood's machine)

I started this project way before COVID-19 with the goal of having video make-up labs for students who are absent on the day of a lab. With COVID-19 I have created a much larger collection of videos, and added the teacher support pages.

Each unit includes:

  • A teacher page (midly password protected with the word thermodynamics) with notes about how to present the video, and, in some cases, 'answers' to the calculations
  • An introductory video with some text overlay, but no voiceover. These videos are designed so you, the teacher, can decide where you want to pause it to emphasize what is important in your class.
  • A student page that contains the introductory video and links to the videos. Each video has a label, so you can assign different videos to different groups. The first two units only require one video per group, but the third requires students to analyze several videos in order to create data points to plot to observe the a/F and a/m relationships.

The units can be found here:

Remember that the teacher pages are designed to be seen by just teachers; please do not release the password to students.

Wishing everyone a happy new year,

Lee Trampleasure, Davis, CA, USA

Md. Hossian Md. Hossian 352 Points

Hi,lee.Thanks for the post. i am  physical science teacher in  Bangladesh. i have try you vedio link but dont operate this. pls sent step procedure to teacher and students.


Loren Chassels Loren Chassels 595 Points

I enjoyed watching the videos. Nice work!

Kevin Anton Kevin Anton 50 Points

This is great to have not just for COVID reasons but for absent students on lab days. Thank you!

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