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Tauna Johnson Tauna Johnson 1110 Points

Hello, I teach in a very small rural school (K-12 all in the same building) where there is only 1 classroom for each grade level.  The class size average is about 24 students. We will be purchasing a new science curriculum for next year.  I've heard good things about Stemscopes, but I am wondering if it is a full curriculum or if it should only be used supplemental to another curriculum.  It looks like it might be complete, but I wasn't sure. I'd love any feedback any of you might have about this program and/or any other K-5 NGSS curriculum that would be good for us to use. :-) Tauna 3, 4, 5 science teacher

Maddie Johnson Maddie Johnson 2520 Points


I am a preservice teacehr at the University of Northern Iowa. One curriculum that I have worked with and really like is FOSS (Full Option Science System). This curriculum is created for grades K-8. With this curriculum you can get access to online textbooks and teacher books. There are also lab kits that come with the curriculum that could help rural schools that may have limited resources. I know that  FOSS is a full curriculum, and it also aligns with NGSS directly. FOSS is definitely worth a look! Good Luck!

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