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Cultivating a Love for Science

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Aja Perez Aja Perez 315 Points

As pre-service elementary teachers, we need to become as infofrmed in each content area as we can. We are instructed to take copious amount of math, literacy, social studies, and science classes to be as prepared as we can be before we set foot in the classroom. However, what I've experienced and noticed throughout my undergraduate time in college was that I was asked to take multiple science classes that focused on creating lessons and activities that intrigued young learners. Science is a hard subject for a lot of people, even educators. No matter what, every person is going to have a subject where they thrive and a subject where the don't, and more often than not, that subject is science. It can be hard for educators, especially pre-service educators to cultivate that love for learning in themselves, nevermind thier students. However, the purpose of all of these classes is to try and being the value and the love back into science education. The more we as pre-service educators work to creating engaing lessons and new spins on old topics, the more we can instill a love for science and an innate curiosity in our studenst to want to learn more. 

Amanda Solis Amanda Solis 280 Points

Hi Aja! In my experience, I have also seen that science can be many students' least favorite subject. While it is sad to see, I believe that we as teachers can turn the many negative attitudes toward science around, beginning with the creation of engaging lesson plans as you mentioned. What I also think would help cultivate a love for science is ensuring that while teaching the subject, we display a love for it ourselves. Personally, as a student, I feel much more inclined to enjoy a subject or class when I have a teacher who is passionate about teaching it. Science is also such a fascinating subject that is everywhere. Pointing this out to students can help them consider how important science really is. 

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12158 Points


Very well stated! I love just sitting in the outdoors using my senses to appreciate what nature has to offer. This in itself can spark so many notices and wonders. Science doesn't have to be hard once you embrace it. It offers opportunity and discovery.


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