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Daisy Ybarra Daisy Ybarra 100 Points

I need recommindations on of how to demonstrate science climate change,in a classroom? Any books or videos that will draw students more into the earth and enviorment/Ocean life? 

Annie Dietz Annie Dietz 705 Points

Hello! My name is Annie Dietz, and I am a preservice teacher at Wartburg College studying to become a high school Biology teacher. Something you could do is have students pick a state and write a report about the state and how different their climate has become. For example, you could have students look at the average temperatures, rainfall, snowfall, drought, etc. I hope this helps!

Bailey Myers Bailey Myers 755 Points

Good evening! I am also a preservice teacher at Wartburg College with Annie and we have talked quite a bit about climate change and its imporance! Annie offered some amazing advice. For more advanced ideas relating to climate change, there are several online resources that could help you. One thing that I've thought about is looking for a data chart that might show increasing/decreasing amount of participation and temperatures throughout the years. 

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