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Teaching kids with ADHD

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Uma Mahajan Uma Mahajan 1620 Points

Hi, I have a few students with ADHD and I am tutoring them after school. These are 10th graders in Geometry and Science. The main goal however is helping them with organization and planning ahead. Any strategies that y'all use that works to help them do this? Any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks!

Sabrina Castro Sabrina Castro 4185 Points

Hi Uma, in my experience of working with students with ADHD in my tutoring, something that I have found is that they are very tactile and visual. Something that I have done in the past to help them to be organized is to make a to-do list on a sticky note The to-do list could also be on paper, but I have found that because the sticky-note could be a vibrant color or pattern the students like it more and it could be stuck onto their notebook or binder as a reminder for them of things to do. I do this so that the student knows what they have to do and they cross it off the list as they go (when they are completely done, because some students will begin but won't finish something and move on to their next task). This way they are also prioritizing and planning ahead if they don't get to finish their list. I hope this helps and is an idea that you can try out :)

Chandni Thakkar Chandni Thakkar 945 Points

Hello, I also have quite a few students in my class who have ADHD. However these kids are in third grade and are in a self contatined classroom, so all subjects are taught. What works best for my students is that I always chunk their work. Meaning that if we were doing something that had 20 problems, then I would divide their work into two sections- 10 problems each. This would allow the student to take it step at a time and not overwhelm them with the amount of work they have. Additionally, I have noticed that they get stressed out very easily. So when this occurs, I let them have a brain break or take some energy out. I hope these little techniques help a bit!

Stephanie Ramirez Stephanie Ramirez 870 Points

Hello, I am a student teacher who has been working one on one with a student with ADHD. What I have seen has worked best for him is a lot of hands on. I would recommend working on a schedule together so that he is involved in the planning. I would also recommend a calendar for them to keep with them at all times so that they know when they have to do things. The calendar could probably be decorated with something they are interested in so that they keep up with it. I hope these suggestions helped.

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