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Teaching Camouflage

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Allison Hladik Allison Hladik 3155 Points

Teaching camouflage is a very fun science topic. This topic can be taught very economically. I taught a lesson that taught camouflage using wrapping paper and hand cut butterflies. The whole experiment costs about $3 and all the supplies can be purchased at the dollar store. I hope to use this lesson in my real classroom. I got inspiration for this lesson here: 

Mercedes Hernandez Mercedes Hernandez 1230 Points

Thank you for sharing! That is a neat activity and it is inexpensive which is great! I recently taught a lesson where I did a liquid density column and I spent a fortune on the liquids! Nevertheless, the students really enjoyed it, so it was worth the investment.

Stephanie Ramirez Stephanie Ramirez 870 Points

I love seeing post like this! As a student teacher having resources like this at all times really helps. I need to make sure I'm well prepared at all times in my classroom.

Cecilia Goff Cecilia Goff 855 Points

This looks like a fun lesson! I'm sure that students will love it!

Ashley Scholl Ashley Scholl 770 Points

This looks so amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

Rosalva Pedraza Rosalva Pedraza 790 Points

Coming up with lessons that are engaging, effective and inexpensive can be difficult, thank you for sharing this one!

Nancy Vo Nancy Vo 795 Points

This is great! It is very helpful and I will definitely use it when the time comes!

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