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Jessica Rice Jessica Rice 1510 Points


I am a future elementary teacher learning how to navigate remote learning not only for myself but for my future students. I plan to incorporate frequent engaging and possibly hands-on activities in my science lessons. I am ready to take on the challenge that remote/distance learning poses. However, I am curious to know if there are any tips or resources to incorporate STEM lessons into this new way of learning. Specifically, if there are ways to safely provide materials or if there are any 'teacher-approved' interactive STEM sites for students. I appreciate your time and help! 

Gianna Heelan Gianna Heelan 240 Points

Hi Jessica,

Teaching during this time can be extremely challenging. I have two specific websites that I find to be helpful to deliver content and for collecting data on what they understand. Using the Nearpod application I am able to create lessons for students to complete at their own pace. I can attach videos, questions, pictures, diagrams, etc. Another application similar to this is EdPuzzle. The website I use most for formatives and summatives is Goformative. I am able to watch students complete the assessment and add comments in order to assist them. There are a variety of questions and activities I can add in the assessment that students can complete to demonstrate their understanding of the content.

Hopefully this gives you some assistance when planning for the future!


Melissa Portillo Melissa Portillo 1240 Points

Hi Jessica,

I too was wondering if there are any remote learning resources out there that allow students to be hands on while behind a computer screen. I found a website that includes a few hands on activities in general that can be used for students. (Try this link: https://scienceatl.org/virtualstemday/) I also found a website on the NSTA site on different resources that others are using for teaching STEM remotely. (https://www.nsta.org/resources/resources-teaching-science-stem-remotely). I hope this helps! It is difficult to find a lot of information on this new remote way of teaching since it is still a fairly new thing. 

Natalie Nardelli Natalie Nardelli 875 Points

Hi Jessica,

I am a current student teacher who is also trying to navigative the new experiences of shifting to the teacher role from the student role while also simultaneously trying to take on this new experience of remote learning/teaching. I am currently exploring ways to engage 4th graders effectively through remote STEAM lessons that still incorporate hands on learning experiences. This is especially a challenge during these times where Covid-19 has seperated students and teachers from the classroom and kept from utilizing materials that are so benficial in the learning of science and STEAM lessons. I have found that utlizing online resources such as nearpod has been effective in engaging students as students can engage through quizzes, games, videos, activites, pictures, and more, which makes the learning process both fun and interesting to students. Live streaming lessons and pre-supplying individual materials for students to use during lessons has also been a way to accomodate to the needs that social-distancing brings, so that students are still able to engage in hands on learning experiences for those that are remote, or even within the classroom to support social distancing regulations. 

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