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Color Changing Milk Experiment

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Seth Brashears Seth Brashears 805 Points

I think this topic matches with chemistry because the milk interacts with the food coloring and Dawn soap. The milk is poured in a bowl about 1/4 inch then put one drop of food coloring with using blue, red, yellow, and green. The drops of food coloring should be close together but not touching. Next the student will touch the center of the milk with a cotton swab. Then put a drop of Dawn soap on the other end of the cotton swab and put it in the milk in between the food coloring. Watch as this causes a reaction and the colors burst like the Fourth of July. Add another drop of Dawn soap and put the swab at different places in the milk. The milk has minerals, proteins, and viatamins with tiny fat mixed in. The protein and fat are sensitive to milk when it changes. The bursting colors is a result of the tiny soap. Dish soap has bi polar characteristics (non polar on one end and polar on the other end) weakens the chemical bond that holds the protein and fats in solution. The soap dissolves in water and attaches to a fat in the milk. The food coloring moves around while this is happening. I think this directly ties into chemical reactions. 

Miles Rossi Miles 20 Points

The Color Changing Milk Experiment is a simple science experiment that uses everyday items to make an interesting reaction. It is often used as an introduction to scientific experiments and involves the exploration of different color changes when food coloring and liquid dish soap are added to milk.

Alyssa Higueria Alyssa Higueria 20 Points

The color changing milk experiment is a great experiment to do in a classroom that uses everyday materials. This experiment is a great way to get children interested in science. 

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