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Marilynn Anderson Marilynn Anderson 10 Points

I love the idea of growing flowers for Mother's day. I know my students would enjoy it because they usually do not buy gifts and many come from single-mother homes. What flowers, if any can be grown in 2 weeks??!! I can easily create a plant lesson, just don't know much about gardening.

Michelle Finzen Michelle Finzen 4720 Points

Growing flowers for mothers day is a great idea because the students would have something for their moms and be learning at the same time.

Jessica Tapia Jessica Tapia 1245 Points

I love your Idea of growing flowers for Mother's Day! It will not only be a great gift for mother's day, but it will make a great lesson about how flowers grow or the parts of the flower. I am sure that if you go to Home Depot or Lows and go to the gardening session, you can find packages of different flower seeds that you can use for your lesson.

Madeleine Moses Madeleine Moses 960 Points

I am not sure what age/grade you are looking for but here is some helpful information.

Courtney Lucca Courtney Lucca 620 Points

Thanks for sharing this resource! I love the activity!

Arlyne Kotal Arlyne Kotal 1370 Points

For our Kindergarten class, we used recycled water bottles (for Earth Day) and created a plant pot. The plant I believe was bean plant. We used glue and tissue paper to decorate. They actually came out pretty cute.

Crystal Umali Crystal Umali 430 Points

I've heard Marigolds and Sunflowers are fairly quick and easy to grow. There are many ideas on Pinterest that you could browse to get more information on types of plants as well as decorative ideas to spice it up to give as a present for Mother's Day. I am almost finished with student teaching, and as Mother's day approaches I can't help, but become excited and wonder about all the cool activities I can do with my students so they can give them as gifts. I think plants would be pretty easy and inexpensive. =)

Macaulay Snyder Macaulay Snyder 725 Points

I love this idea! I had never even heard of this before. You're going to be great with your own classroom, making connections between science and their home lives is a wonderful way to get them motivated.

Elizabeth Cooke Elizabeth Cooke 7245 Points

This is a great idea. Thanks for the link. I also saw melted crayon art on that page as well. That could be a lesson showing cause and effect. What would you suggest for Father's Day?

Jordyn Carmody Jordyn Carmody 170 Points

Growing flowers in the classroom for mothers day is a great idea! I think the only problem might be if one of the students flowers dies or gets broken. So maybe grow a couple extra just in case. This activity would teach students the great moral lesson of giving!

Tori Whitfield Tori Whitfield 180 Points

I think that planting for Mother's Day is a wonderful idea. I've searched online and it say that Marigolds are easy to grow in the classroom. Hopefully this link to another discussion about Mother's Day planting will be helpful... Best of luck!

Amy Woodeshick Amy Woodeshick 695 Points

Thats such a great idea of having the students grow plants for mothers day. This is a great way of having science being incorporated and the mothers will enjoy that their students grew these plants for them. It would be great if students can provide some of the gardening supplies and then the teachers can provide the rest for it. This is a great idea and will be doing this my first year of teaching. 

Jasmin Delgado Jasmin Delgado 840 Points

This is a great idea on the growing the flowers for Mother's Day we took some carnations and places them in color dyed water so that the students could see how the stem of the plant absorbs the water and carries all throughout as it reaches the petals. 

Stephanie Lobo Stephanie Lobo 435 Points

This is such a cute idea! Especially because children don have money nor resources to go and buy there mothers a gift. I think planting and growing there own flowers is so adorable as well! But if that isn't successful, maybe you can have the students create their own flowers using arts and crafts. This way they create their own personal flowers using their imagination and its something their mothers can keep always. -Stephanie L.

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