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Stephen Truong Stephen Truong 250 Points

I am currently student teaching a 4th-grade science class. I was wondering if anyone has any interesting and engaging STEM activities I can incorporate into my classroom?

Megan Doty Megan Doty 11847 Points

Hello Stephen, I found some resources within the Learning Center that may be of help! The first two are journal articles: Creating STEM Kits: STEM Trade Books (K-12): There are also some books available - I conducted a search for "STEM" in the "Explore All Resources" tab and used the "Books" filter on the left to find them: Please let me know if these are of use! Are there any fourth grade teachers out there that can share additional ideas? -Megan

Katelyn Shultz Katelyn Shultz 3430 Points

Hello Stephen, I have also found some more additional resources. This source has lesson plan that you can incorporate into your class schedule. This has stem activities that can show students. Please let me know if any of these resources are great for your students, as a future teacher. _Katelyn

Dominique Lemanek Dominique Lemanek 40 Points

Hello Stephen, I think that you should check out NetLogo, it's a multi-agent programmable modeling environment that allows students to explore both science and programming. I myself have explored it and found it a great way to help students visualize certain scenarios or what changes in a scenario might result in. Students can even make their own changes to one of the model's programming and explore this technology to its fullest extent. Here is the link, its completely free to download and works on almost any operating system: Good luck, Dominique

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