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High School Teachers: Free vacuum training and equipment

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Thomas Christensen Thomas Christensen 60 Points

The AVS (American Vacuum Society) is offering a two day, free, STEM workshop with high school ready lessons that integrate science, math and engineering using hands-on vacuum technology based activities.  This year’s Science Educators’ Workshop will be November 5-7 in Portland, Oregon. Local AVS chapters typically pay travel and lodging costs to send a teacher from their region to this hands-on workshop.  Teachers receive continuing education credit and their school may be eligible to receive an equipment grant including a new vacuum pump and vacuum jar. The workshop includes an onsite visit to a major industrial or research laboratory.  High school science teachers are encouraged to apply by June 30 for sponsorship to attend this workshop at 

Eric Cox Eric 10 Points

Wow, this workshop offered by the AVS sounds absolutely amazing! It's fantastic to see organizations like the American Vacuum Society supporting STEM education and providing valuable opportunities for high school science teachers. The integration of science, math, and engineering through hands-on vacuum technology activities is a fantastic way to engage students and enhance their learning experiences. The fact that the workshop is free and offers continuing education credits is a huge benefit for teachers. The opportunity for local AVS chapters to cover travel and lodging costs demonstrates their commitment to supporting educators in their regions. That sounds like a good topic for an essay. You can easily buy college essays in few clicks here if you need them. Additionally, the chance to receive an equipment grant, including a new vacuum pump and vacuum jar, is truly remarkable and will undoubtedly enhance the science curriculum at the teachers' respective schools.

Head Limb Head 20 Points

These will definitely be the right decisions to ensure the rights of teachers and students

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Lucy Chow Lucy 10 Points

I think the AVS (American Vacuum Society) workshop sounds like a fantastic opportunity for high school science teachers. It offers valuable STEM lessons integrating science, math, and engineering through hands-on vacuum technology activities. The sponsorship covering travel, lodging, and equipment grants is a significant support for educators, enhancing their professional development and classroom resources. The onsite visit to an industrial or research laboratory adds real-world context, enriching the learning experience. Overall, it's a commendable initiative to promote STEM education and empower teachers in advancing their teaching skills and resources.

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