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Madison Miller Madison Miller 1295 Points

Hello! I am a future elementary school teacher looking for creative resources for in-class science experiments. Any ideas?

Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

The Learning Center is filled with lesson plan ideas. The journal for elementary grades is called Science and Children. If you go into the Advanced Search on the main page of the Learning Center you can search all kinds of lessons. There are hundreds!! Just be specific about your topic and you will find all kinds of lesson plans!

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 89733 Points

Hi Madison,
Will you be doing your student teaching soon? If so, let us know what science concept(s) you will be teaching and at what grade level. We can give you some more specific ideas. In the meantime, doing an advanced search as Betty suggested will provide you with lots of great activities. In the meantime, you may enjoy this science journal article: Science Shorts: More Than One Way to Investigate

Carmen Cruz Carmen Cruz 2125 Points

Grade level?

Holly Kegler Holly Kegler 120 Points

Hi I am also a future elementary teacher. I just came across this website and am so impressed with what it has to offer and also on how complete the information that they have is. I don't know if you have looked at the other resources that they have but there are so many on here and a lot are designed to help teachers become better informed on the topic that they are teaching.So I am book marking the page and as the need arises I will use those resources. Good Luck

Claire Reinburg Claire Reinburg 495 Points

Hello, Madison and Holly,

It's great that you've found this site and all the colleagues and fellow teachers here who can suggest resources and tips. Three NSTA Press book series that we see among the most used by elementary teachers are Picture-Perfect Science Lessons, Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, and Everyday Science Mysteries. If you visit the links to those series pages on the NSTA website, you can download sample chapters like "Earthlets" from Picture-Perfect Science (for a lesson about observations and inferences)to get an idea of what they provide.

Best wishes to you both!

Pamela Auburn Pamela Auburn 68605 Points

The National STEM Centre has launched an area on the website to support primary school teachers and co-ordinators in planning for and delivering science lessons.

Adah Stock Adah Stock 101510 Points

Hi: I would definitely look at the 5E lessons from the learning center. I will post my collection here for you to look at. The 5E collection is not grade specific but you will find lots of elementary materials in there. The other two collections are elementary focused so I hope that gives you a good selection to pull from. Adah

5E Model of Instruction - Physical Science Collection (33 items)
Effective Teaching Techniques - Elementary Collection (28 items)
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