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Melinda Lape Melinda Lape 657 Points

I am a student teacher for 9th grade physical science.  With all of the distance learning going on, how are we supposed to truthfully and ethically test our students' understanding about the concepts they are required to learn?  In all honesty, if a student has intentions of cheating, they are going to do it.  But what about standardized tests, etc?

Robert Chesbro Robert Chesbro 140 Points

Hi Melinda, Hope you are surviving the madness. I saw your post on NSTA and wanted to share this formative assessment exercise. It works on many levels: Here's a little tutorial: Hope you're surviving the madness. Rob

Robert Chesbro Robert Chesbro 140 Points

As for assessment, I think it's time to forget about it at the moment. You could use Google Forms to collect data, but traditional assessment and standardized testing is dead in the water at the moment. One technique is to assess part of an exercise that the student submits without notifying them in advance which part of the work will be assessed. This will guarantee maximum engagement. It's time to think outside the box on assessment, and it's about time. Hope all is well in Georgia. I'm in PA and things are relatively calm at the moment. Rob

Charissa Barnhill Charissa Barnhill 1564 Points

Myself as well as other teachers at my school have been dealing with the same thing. I think at this point it is really just about providing students with as much feedback as possible to help them understand the mateiral rather than assessing them as much. I have been trying my best to provide students with work that requires short answers to help me get insight into what they are thinking. Obviously there is no way to keep them from cheating, but I have been focusing on providing them with opportunites to fix and go back and understand what they have gotten wrong based on my feedback to them, and I have seen great results. Most of them are acutally doing the work becuase they aren't worried about a grade and they are truly trying thier best to understand the mateiral. Other teachers I am working with have suggested just giving them formative grades on assignments and then taking the average of the formaitve grades as their summative if we have to give a summative grade, but for the most part I think we are focusing on formative grades at this point - and being very lenient with the grades that we are giving as well. I don't know if there is perfect solution for now, but let's hope this all ends soon! 

Callie Cook Callie Cook 714 Points

I would focus on seeing what they are taking away from a single lesson. That way it is more of a guage to see if they are getting what you are trying to teach each day. I would also suggest leaving things as open ended questions that way you are really seeing what they are taking away. At this point even if they are cheating hopefully they are taking away something from their research to find an answer. 

Brittany Alao Brittany Alao 580 Points

At this point, my school district has asked us to not give any assessments. All of the children do not have access to the internet at home, which puts them at a disadvantage. It just wouldn't be fair to the students. 

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