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Paige Norbeck Paige Norbeck 95 Points

I know sometimes classroom management is a big factor in deciding what experiments to do in a classroom. We want science to be fun and engaging, but not at the cost of chaos. How are some ways you manage the class and keep the experiment on task at the same time? Thanks!

Megan Doty Megan Doty 11847 Points

Hi Paige,

You're correct, classroom management is crucial to ensure engagement and excitement lead to learning and not to chaos. I found a couple of collections from other users that include a variety of resources regarding classroom management. The resources are not strictly for Early Childhood classrooms, but they may include some ideas that can be implemented for younger learners. Check out both below:

Patricia Rourke's Classroom Management Collection:

Lorette Griffiths' classroom management Collection:

If you find any of these resources helpful, please reply and let us know!


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