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Full STEAM Ahead!

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Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2335 Points

Just a spent a great week doing a STEAM workshop for children at the Bellevue Arts Museum near Seattle. I added a blog describing the week on our website and included some good resources on this topic. Another resource is this wonderful talk where STEM becomes STEAM thanks to Neil Degrasse Tyson Wendy Goldfein [email protected]

Carrie Naglak Carrie Naglak 1805 Points

CATAPULT PAINTINGS???? WHAT??? That looks like the coolest thing EVER! I just have to get my hands on the instructions for that. My teaching partner and I are making a conscious effort this year to teach art to our students. Previously,it was more of an after thought and ended up being more crafty than artsy. I can't wait to try some of the ideas on your FB page/website! Thanks for sharing!

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

Wendy- Our district STEM magnet charter school is beginning to focus on transitioning from STEM to STEAM. Your resources and information will help me stay in the loop! Thanks! Naomi Beverly

Alix-Anne Bush Alix-Anne Bush 1760 Points

Wendy, I am currently a student studying to become a teacher. I just read through your blog post regarding the Bellevue Arts Museum and the video of Tyson was wonderful. I think it is great that some school and programs are moving full STEAM ahead. As some one who is very much involved in the arts it disappoints me that over the years the arts have been an element cut from many school programs. This is a great way to incorporate art back into the curriculum. Many scientist are artist themselves and many artist are STEM oriented as well. I'll keep an eye out on more STEAM related subjects and if you could please relay any you find that would be much appreciated. Thank you! Alix-Anne Bush

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

Alix-Anne I was worried about my son attending the STEM academy in my district because there was no arts integration. However, there is a concerted effort to integrate arts, and I am feeling more happy about sending him. All the best, Naomi Beverly

Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2335 Points

Hi Alix-Anne I am glad you found our blog about our STEAM program helpful. We do have some other resources that you might like to explore. One of our Pinterest boards is STEAM related and has lots of ideas. and we do post items we find on STEAM on our Facebook page Best of luck on your studies to be a teacher! Wendy Get Caught Engineering

Emily Augustine Emily Augustine 1205 Points

I am a student graduating soon to become a teacher. I just finished presenting a project on STEM. We presented our students in our student teaching placement some STEM jobs to get them excited about STEM careers. This is the first time I am hearing about STEAM and I am loving it. I love the integration and am definitely going to try and inspire my future students using STEAM. I'm glad I saw this post. Emily A.

Sydney Eaton Sydney Eaton 4665 Points

I am currently a student teacher. I am also really big in the arts, so with all of the focus on science and math now, I tend to get frustrated with the lack of attention that the arts get. Even though the general population wants to focus just on science and math, as a teacher, I can incorporate art and music into my science and math lessons. Thank you for these resources that incorporate arts into STEM. I look forward to using them in my future lessons!

Lindsey Truxel Lindsey Truxel 2060 Points

I guess I hadn't thought of this one. Using music with science but I am curious and plan to give it a look see. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsey Truxel Lindsey Truxel 2060 Points

I did the foil boat this summer at our Payette Lake children's science day. The student loved making the boats over and over again to see how many washers they could get the boat to hold. The kids really persevered. What a great activity to keep kids thinking and problem-solving. : )

Joni Ingram Joni Ingram 1705 Points

I finished my EdS program at the University of Georgia in 2013 in Gifted and Creative Education. The focus of my work was incorporating Art into Science Education. I completed my practicum at DaVinci Academy in Hall County, GA working on the 7th grade Genetics museum exhibit. This program of choice middle school allowed all of their students to work on at least one museum project per year. The students built the museum and then invited school groups to tour the museum with the students working their sections to explain the concepts. A wonderful atmosphere for students to learn and excel.

For my applied project, I conducted an 'Art and Nature' week for teen campers at Sandy Creek Nature Center. We had a great week of bringing together Art and Nature. We made nature sculptures, jewelry, toured museums with nature themes and toured the botanical gardens. The students kept a nature journal which they presented at the end of the week. The students were very proud of their work, and I found that some journals were more artistic, some more cartoonish, and others more like a naturalist...thus my awards for our last day.

My first teaching job was at a new STEAM Academy. The school was a disappointment compared to my work in graduate school. The seasoned teachers and principle could not get on board with our integrated curriculum ideas. I ended up wasting a year working as a co-teacher in Math and ELA(no Art or Science). I have moved on but still hope that more schools will look into adopting STEAM into their curriculum.

Da Vinci Academy:

Belinda Perez Belinda Perez 1000 Points

Thank you for those wonderful resources!! I could really use all of these.

Helen Hall Helen Hall 220 Points

I love the website you gave us to look at! I am a pre-service teacher, earning a licensure in elementary education with a STEM endorsement. I hope to incorporate a lot of the STEM concepts and activities into my future classroom. I love that your blog posted a lot of STEM events. The one at the Bellevue Arts Museum is really cool. I definitely would like to use one of those activities in a lesson. In high school, we had to make a catapult to see how far we could sling the object, but I think it would have made the assignment more interesting and engaging if we were allowed to shoot paint to a certain point. I feel upper elementary students could handle it.

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