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Teresa Mendoza Teresa Mendoza 1530 Points

While currently in student teaching I have noticed that teachers put a lot of focus on math and reading and only teach science or social studies when they have extra time in the day. How do you plan or manage time to teach science? I know it is very important for students to get equal exposure to all subjects.

Alyssa Dupiche alyssa dupiche 1360 Points

I do agree that science and social studies are given less attention to compare to other subjects. However, I really think that it depends on the grade level. I think with higher grade levels like middle and high school science and social studies is treated more equal to the other subjects. I'm currently in student teaching in a second grade math class, so I do not see much science but some science is being integrated within the lesson. If I had to teach a science class, I would treat it the same as any other subject. Science is experimental and fun, students can learn so much and be able to make connections outside the classroom.

Adah Stock Adah Stock 101510 Points

Teresa: Welcome to the real world of high stakes testing. Traditionally state and national testing focuses on students being able to read and do math. In reality this doesn't represent a well rounded and educator child. To overcome this dilemma you might want to integrate reading and math through trade books about science. For example: Using the book called "The World of Pooh" you can introduce students to light and reflection when Tigre sees himself in a mirror and wonders if there are two of him. You can teach about sink and float when Christopher Robin and Pooh open an umbrella and float away to safety when it rains. Aside for that fun story time you can transition into a science discovery activity with mirrors and angles, or with things that sink and float. I will attach a collections that might help you realize that math and reading are the ways we learn science and social studies and that integrating math and reading will save time for all disciplines of learning. Also if you type in the words Trade Books in the dialogue box in the upper right hand corner you will be able to locate Learning Center Journal articles that mention valuable trade books. Lastly, a site called NSTA Recommends has a list of trade books and reviews on various topics that will help you select the best one for your needs. Good luck, Adah

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Bonnie Irwin Bonnie Irwin 1520 Points

I have noticed a similar pattern. The schools in which i have been placed seem to barely have time for science or social studies. The exception seems to be fifth grade for science because they are tested on it. I for one love science, and I think it is very important to incorporate it into the class daily schedule.

Elizabeth Docteroff Elizabeth Docteroff 4200 Points

I'm in a 1st grade class for my fieldwork. This class only gets a science lesson once per week and the teachers rotate on who will be teaching the lesson. Last semester I was in a 5th grade class and they had science almost everyday. I observed a Kindergarten classroom where they do science once a week but it is really cool how they do it. The kindergarten has a whole separate classroom dedicated to science. The room is set up with tables where students are able to do different activities based on the concept for that week. The teacher does a whole group lesson and then students go to their tables and do activities. It was very organized to the point where the students replace the items they have used for the next class to use including activities. If only every school could do that. I know it's not realistic but I thought it was pretty awesome. Incorporating other subjects into science is helpful too. Thanks for the trade book suggestions!

Diana Ponce Diana Ponce 1615 Points

I have noticed the same thing. Teachers need to understand that all subjects are important, and that giving more importance to those tested just causes more stress. Kids miss out on a lot when they are not exposed to certain subjects, especially science.

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