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'How to' NSTA Learning Center Videos now available through the Help Link

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Amanda Wolfe Amanda Wolfe 16375 Points

For those of you who are new to the NSTA Learning Center, you may be wondering, “How do I navigate this awesome professional learning portal?” Through the help link, there are a few new videos that will quickly show you some of the features of The NSTA Learning Center and how to effectively navigate them. Check out these videos to help you update your profile, build your library of resources, and share collections of resources with your colleagues!
Here are some examples of Collections of Resources to give you an idea:
Common Core Collection
Assessment Collection
Integrating Math and Science Collection

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 91561 Points

Amanda! Where have you been all my life? I loved the features you shared! I teach preservice teachers and use the NSTA Learning Center as our e-Text. I am also extremely familiar with the NSTA Learning Center, both as a professional educator user and as an online advisor; but there are still things I don't know or am not "up" on. Thanks for pointing out the videos that the "help link" features. I had access to video clips that were made using the older learning center format, but I did not know the help link had newer versions. Also, the Common Core Collection that you shared is going to be so helpful when I bring up the topic, "How to integrate Common Core with NGSS" with my science methods classes! So thank you! Please feel free to share other tidbits/gems that help us all navigate this amazing science education resource we call the NLC- NSTA Learning Center. Best, Carolyn

This is a very nice start for those new to the NSTA Learning Center. What a great idea to post how- to videos! Are there more to come? nate

Amanda Wolfe Amanda Wolfe 16375 Points

Hi Carolyn and Nate, Thank you for the positive feedback. Yes! There are more to come. Hang on! I am also supporting a group of educators through the NSTA Learning Center while I am here and that prompted the tutorial videos idea! I am constantly amazed at what a rich resource the Learning Center is for science educators! I also love that the community of supportive and collaborative educators taking part in the forums is growing! The next video is about developing Your Professional Learning Plan!

Courtney Black Courtney Black 975 Points

Thanks for the information!

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