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John Daniel John 10 Points

Many teachers are primarily focused on math and reading in the classroom due to STAR testing. I feel that all of the subjects are important in their way. I wanted to ask for tips/strategies on incorporating science with all the issues. I have seen some teachers combine math and reading, but we nearly see the incorporation of science with math, reading, or social studies. Thank you so much for your help. Have a great day.

Kalani Eggington Kalani Eggington 80 Points

Hi John,

It's important to look for ways to integrate science into other content areas because this is often the only way our students can have exposure to science content.  Science data can be incorporated into math lessons when students learn about graphing and data analysis.  Science related informational text can be utilized during reading instruction.  Connections to the ways in which science and technology discoveries have impacted societies are a way to integrate science into social studies.  Best of luck on incorporating science in all content areas.


Abigail Wentz Abigail Wentz 470 Points

Hi there! I am currently a student teacher in a second grade classroom and I have been able to really push previous Coorperating Teachers into intergrating more science in their classrooms. As you said, there is not a lot of talk or focus on science in the classroom beacuse it is focused mainly on the ELA and Math subjects. One easy way that I was able to incoorperate science in previous placements was doing it through reading. It got the students involved and interested and we were able to get a lot of cross curricular standards hit. We were able to work as a team and help stduents be able to get the ELA and writing standards while also peaking their intests and getting them involved with more science topics. There are many other ways but incoorperating it into reading or journal enteries is the easiest way in my opinion. 

Kristine Rowland Kristine Rowland 2290 Points

Hi, I am a kindergarten teacher in Georgia. Integrating science into ELA and Math can certainly be done. It just takes time, creativity, and purposeful intentions. Science and math are already closely linked.  You have to sort, classifying, graphing, counting, measuring, etc.  For ELA, I add in science to our theme for the week. For example: for October, we have studied bats, spiders, harvest, and pumpkins. We can read and write about them using the Can- Have- Are chart. I find the best way to link them is to look at your ELA standards and look at your science standards. Find where they can overlap or be integrated. 

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