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Erica Ramirez Erica lynn Ramirez 9665 Points

Hi I'm Erica, I'm currently a student teacher and for my science methodology class, I have to create a 5E lesson plan.I'm going according to the TEKS for Kindergarten and I wanted to do TSW explore interactions between magnets and various materials. I've been looking around and found some interesting ways to teach magnets to students and I was wondering if any one have any tips or suggestions they would like to offer me about other strategies or activities I can do. Thanks!

Carrie LaFay Carrie LaFay 100 Points

As a literature link to your science unit, you might enjoy the book What Makes A Magnet? I used to have my students build a compass using a magnetized needle that we would float in water using either cork or styrofoam.

Erica Ramirez Erica Ramirez 9665 Points

Thank you so much! I've check those resources out! I'm excited and can't wait to try them out.

Amanda Marshall Amanda Marshall 1475 Points

This is some great information! Thank You Arlene for posting this reply. I am a student teacher as well and I am always looking for great lessons for future opportunities!

Robin Cox Robin Cox 3390 Points

Hello! I too am a student teacher, thanks for the great resources! My daughter did an awesome experiment in school with magnets and cereal. They took a plastic sandwich bag and smashed Cheerios up in it. They added water and made a slimy solution. Next, they took a magnet and gently ran it back and fourth across the top of the bag. The iron in the cereal separated and the magnet pulled it to the top of the bag. The iron looked like small slithers of metal. I thought this was a neat activity and wanted to share. Good Luck! Robin

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