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STEM/STEAM activities & properties of matter

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Liliana Lopez Liliana Lopez 630 Points

In my science methods course, I need to create a science lesson plan which incorporates STEM/STEAM activities. My unit focuses on properties of matter at the 4th/5th grade level. Any helpful ideas and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you! Liliana

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

There is probably a lesson out there on this but right now, I can't find it in my files. I have a lab set up where there is vinegar, baking soda, a clear water bottle, a graduated cylinder, a teaspoon, and a balloon. My opening question is, "Can anyone inflate this balloon without using their mouth to force air into it? This also helps me to assess what the 5th graders may or may not know about chemical reactions. Before students can use any of the materials, they have to discuss and design a plan that I must approve. Once, I give them the ok, they can begin implementing their plan. (You can choose to have more materials available but my intent was to focus on states of matter not chemical reactions in this lab. However, it is a great experience they can recall when we do get to chemical and physical reactions.) So the obvious steps are to put about 1/4 cup of vinegar in the water bottle, hold the mouth of the balloon open and use a funnel to put 1 teaspoon of baking soda inside, the place the mouth of the balloon over the lip of the water bottle without dumping the contents at first. The baking soda is a solid, the vinegar is a liquid, the air in the bottle is a gas right? Countdown 3,2,1 and dump the balloon contents into the bottle and the chemical reaction occurs creating a gas which inflates the balloon. It's a fast and fun lab.

Kendyl Todd Kendyl Todd 626 Points

Hi Liliana, I have recently read an article about incorporating STEM into the classroom and lessons through short stories and read aloud books. With the content area of matters and properties of matter as your main focus finding literature in those areas would be a great way to grab the students attention in a creative way. These short stories could model activities you could have the students do at a later point in time or they could just be a fun way to re-emphasize the topic area. I hope this helps or gives you some other ideas.

Vicky Reveles Vicky Reveles 455 Points

One way I would implement STEM into my future classroom would be to establish and practice some skills such as problem-solving, innovative thinking, communications, productive teamwork, g enerating multiple ideas, and decision-making. These characteristics and skills help children learn to work together, use hands-on methods and solve real world problems. They help children become creative, innovative and critical thinkers that change our future. Some activities I would incorporate into my classroom are listed in this website: . These activities are creative and differ from being math, engineering, art , technology and science based.

Kaela Bailey Kaela Bailey 485 Points

In regards to creating a lesson plan on the properties of matter that incorporates STEM activities, I have a great idea for the property of density. I would have the students create a tin foil boat and see how many pennies they can put on the boat without sinking it. This would be a great Explore piece for a 5E lesson plan. It will motivate the students, and they will be using their STEM skills. I believe it is important to incorporate STEM activities in our classrooms in an applicable way for our students. I hope to do this every time I teach science.

Emerald Lee Emerald Lee 585 Points

In my classroom, I would implement STEM activities by providing my students with fun, innovative projects that promote critical thinking and everyday concepts. Having students build different things based off of ideas they come up with. For example, a really good lesson that promotes engineering and science is creating a hoverboard. The teacher could make a few requirements that each group of students need to meet, but everything else is their own designs and creations. I think this is very engaging and a fun challenge for students. It is important to keep STEM fun and exciting in the classroom in hopes they choose this field in their future careers!

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