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Getting students more interested in science

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Magda Jimenez Magda Jimenez 1515 Points

Does anyone have any recommendations for getting my second graders more excited for animal adaptations or plant and animal needs? I am trying to find a fun video or book to accompany my 5E lesson. 

Isabel Uribe Isabel Uribe 1055 Points

I did this with my second graders last week. If you make their habitats and include some of the animals needs then the students will really have a lot of fun putting the needs where they go and having the animals find them in the habitat. It is a fun and exciting way to teach it.

Yesenia Leal Yesenia Leal 875 Points

I think that it would be interesting to create a flip-book of the adaptations!

Angela Ayala Angela Ayala 1315 Points

This is a great idea for second graders!

Brooke Caskey Brooke Caskey 1285 Points

Depending on your classroom, I've seen a couple books that might be useful. Have You Ever Seen a Hippo With Sunscreen by Etta Kaner Do Cows Eat Cake by Michael Dahl

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