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Catherine Teed Catherine Teed 270 Points

Hi everybody! I am interning in a second grade classroom this semester. I am currently researching misconceptions that second grade children have. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to a misconception that you have seen or heard from a child at this age? 

Jane Mendez Jane Mendez 2840 Points

Hello! My name is Jane Mendez and I am a student teacher for Florida International University.  Last semester I had to do a science lesson on living vs. non-living organisms for a 2nd grade class. While teaching that lesson,  I was very surprised by the level of misconceptions students had. They did not understand that grass and algae were also living organisms. They were only able to identify humans and animals as living organisms. I hope this helps you and best of luck on your internship. 

Wendy Nativi Wendy Nativi 775 Points

Karen Reyes Karen Reyes 875 Points

Hello! I believe that a misconception that students have at this age is about birds. They believe that all birds can fly which isn't completely true. There are birds like the penguin who cannot fly. 

Jasmin Delgado Jasmin Delgado 840 Points

I have seen students get confused with the life cycle and they believe that all animals go through the same stages or the same number of stages in the life cycle. This is something that I myself had to make clear to the students when go over this topic. 

Kaycie Willingham Kaycie Willingham 925 Points

The moon is made out of cheese.

The season is winter because it is cold outside.

Brina Coffman Brina Coffman 880 Points

I have heard many students tell me that plants are nonliving things. Since plants do not move they automatically assume plants are nonliving things when in reality that is not true.  I am currently student teaching in a 3rd grade classroom. Hope this helps!

Olivia Yoo Ji Hyun Yoo 805 Points

Only fishes can live underwater.

Isabella Pousada Isabella Pousada 3025 Points

Hello! My name is Isabella Pousada. I go to FIU. I am an Elementary Education major. Last semester I was doing my field hours in a first grade class. The students were learning about matter. A big misconception that the students had was that they only understood that people and animals were matter because they took up space.  They did not understand that their desks, chairs, pencils, crayons, papers, etc.  This misconception is common in a lot of young students.  I think as teachers there are ways we can aid students with these misconceptions or preconceptions they come into the class with.  Creating fun and engaging activities can help students investigate and come to conclusions that will clear up these misconceptions.

Olivia Yoo Ji Hyun Yoo 805 Points

Another misconception they can have when learning matter is that mass and weight are the same.

Peggy Ashbrook Margaret Ashbrook 10993 Points

Take a look at this article in the journal Science and Children:
What We Call Misconceptions May Be Necessary Stepping-Stones Toward Making Sense of the World
by Todd CampbellChristina Schwarz, and Mark Windschitl
Science and Children, Mar 16

Jesus Sanchez Jesus Sanchez 660 Points

Mass is the same as weight is a common misconception. 

Arrie Winston Arrie Winston 1020 Points

The moon can only be seen in the night sky.

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