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John Hesser John Hesser 35 Points

A group of teachers at my school (mostly math and ELA) are considering National Board Certification. I'm weighing the pros and cons and couldn't help but notice nothing on the NSTA site about it. Is anyone out there National Board Certified and is willing to speak to their experience? I know that the financial incentives vary from state to state, but I guess I'm more interested in the professional development piece. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Pamela Dupre Pam Dupre 92369 Points

I wish I could speak from personal experience but I only know two teachers who did this. They said they mainly got national certification to make themselves standout when applying for administration positions. 

 Margaret Hunter 20 Points

Hello...I'm an NBCT (renewed in 2010) and recentlyly retired.  National Board Certification was an invaluable experience.  My reasons for pursuing National Board Certification were to improve my craft through professional development. The pay raise was an added plus.   The best thing that came about as a result of being certified was the wealth of professional opportunities I was offered as a result of being an NBCT.  For example I was invited to receive training on a new state initiated hands on science curriculum and followed up by training teachers in schools all over West Virginia.  I participated on a committee that rewrote West Virginia's new science standards and continued to mentor other teachers in their science teaching.  In addition I was later involved in other related work with National Board.   Although I had always been involved in committees, trainings and other professional development activities, the opportunities that I was able to take advantage of after being certified were the most beneficial of my teaching career.  I highly recommend going for NB certification.


Peter Schwartz Peter Schwartz 955 Points

I'm wondering if you or anyone else could tell us a little bit about the process.  What was required?  What did you find most difficult?  Are there any tips you could give us?  I know of non-science teachers whom have earned their certification but I don't know of any science teachers.  

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