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Haley Thomas Haley Thomas 855 Points

Hello all! I am in a program where I will be graduating in December 2017. Do you have any advice for finding jobs and if I happen to get a job mid year, any advice for surviving?

Harry Mazurek Harry Mazurek 70 Points

? Haley In September, I'd start finding out about registering as a Sub. Sometimes it takes months to get registered. Then you'll start teaching right away. Make contacts, and see about schools

Jessica Clickner Jessica Clickner 795 Points

I also would like to find some advice about this topic. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks!

Amanda Perez Amanda Perez 985 Points

I will be graduating in December but have you thought about the school you are student teaching at? I know a lot of schools like to keep their student teachers upon graduation. Also, attend job fairs throughout the town you live in.

Dorothy Ginnett Dorothy Ginnett 28240 Points

Hi Amanda - Look for long-term substitute positions that come up in the Spring Term (if a teacher falls ill or takes another job). These are often full-time, but limited term (just one semester). Then the school district advertises for the next academic year. Check your state website for teaching job postings to find long-term sub positions. Also, substitute teaching can provide some temporary income. It is challenging, but many school districts have a shortage of substitutes and it would give you valuable classroom management experience. You often apply directly to a school district for substitute teacher positions. If you are interested in travel, check out positions in high need areas and/or teaching overseas too. Good luck! Dorothy

Ruth Hutson Ruth Hutson 64230 Points

Hi Amanda, I would add to what Dorothy said. Substitute teaching is a good way to get your foot in the door of many districts. Not only does it allow the districts to get to know you, but you can also see the inner workings of a district. It can help you decide if you would really want to work for that district.

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