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How much Science is required to be a good teacher?

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Claudia Buentello Claudia Buentello 570 Points

Do you think what is being taught at University Levels for Science will suffice to fully prepare us to teach it? I am currently in the Education program, half way done, and Science has always been one of my more difficult subjects. I am nervous if after I graduate I will have enough preparation in the subject to be able to teach my future students Science. Or do you recommend further Science programs as a supplement to better prepare myself? 

Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6210 Points

Good question, Claudia! If you're in an education program, then, no, you don't get enough science -- or science pedagogy -- to teach it well. What's really missing, besides a deep understanding of the science, is the "pedagogical content knowledge," which is specific to the science that you'll be teaching.

It's important to understand that students don't enter the classroom as blank slates, but enter the classroom with some knowledge and lots of scientific misconceptions. (In the PD workshops I do for teachers, I explain not only the students' misconceptions but also common misconceptions among teachers and the general public.) If the misconceptions are not directly addressed -- and resolved by the student in a constructivist manner -- they will persist. Feel free to contact me for more information.

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