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Madison Hiestand Madison Hiestand 350 Points

Hello! My name is Madison Hiestand and I am a preservice teacher at Wartburg College and I am going to be student teaching in the fall of 2021. I have a few concerns and questions regarding building relationships and maintaining those as a student teacher and an inservice teacher. As a student teacher I want to start learning how to build those connections as soon as i get into the classroom. My question is, how do I start that as a student teacher? How can I make them feel comfortable with a student teacher in their child's classroom and start those conversations with the parents? Any advice is much appreciated!!

Keyla Mateo Keyla Mateo 1425 Points

Hello Madison!

As well as you I start student teaching in the fall of 2021. It is very important to have a connection between us and the parents. Their children are with us most of the day (in a classroom) and for now for some part fo day remotely. It is up to us to be able to communicate about their child needs and day. Parents value the ability to be involved as much as possible. I have worked as teacher's helper and even if we do not think we are being observed by the parents we are very well are. In my classroom it was children from the ages 4-6. The parents come in looking for feedback on their childs day. Being attentinve to their activity and what they do throughout the day is crucial. If the teacher was busy with the rest of the class or with a parent at dismissal time, I made sure to be able to assist the parent. I assured them that anything they wanted to ask I am there to help and answer. I also never made any negative comments about their child, leave that to the actual teacher she or he will communicate these things in a matter that we should learn and observe from. Some teachers also have their way of handling bad behavior or low grades, like having meetings or sending notes home. Smile and be curtious all the time, no matter how the parent may be. I have also learned how to have coinversation as simple as how was the weather. Also the more frequent they see you the more comfotable they get, being abscent or barely present is not good. I have learned much and still have a lot more to learn. Each day will be something new to observe and take notes from. I hope eveyrhting goes well for you! 

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