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Ayline Rangel Ayline Rangel 515 Points

Hello everyone, my name is Ayline Rangel. I will be graduating soon as an Elementary Bilingual teacher and I am concern on teaching Earth and Space Science topics to my students. Since I will be new at the teaching profession it will be a totally new experience for me and I was wondering if you had any advice or engaging ideas on how to make a lesson more interactive and fun? Also, I would like to know which topic is the most interesting and time consuming to you all? Overall, it will be a great help to get some advice and ideas from other people and it will also be good to know about others opinions on Earth and Space Science topics. Thank You! 

Edgar Teran Edgar Teran 415 Points

Hi Ayline, wow! You are almost graduating i applaud you for that. I think Space Science has so much information and i can see what you mean about beeing worried specially being a new teacher. The advise i could give you is maybe to get more involve in watching more documantary movies about Earth and Space Science. They give alot of information and they are quite intresting. Overall, i wish you the best of luck. 

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