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Student teaching while on zoom.

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Jacky Martinez Jacky Martinez 220 Points

Hi everyone, I'm currently in the Education program at my school. I was wondering if it is difficult now for student teachers to get the full experience of being in the classroom as opposed to everything being online now. Is it easier or harder, and are the student teachers prepared to do it on their own with only online experience? 

Shajeeah Jan Shajeeah Jan 960 Points

Hi Jacky!

As a future teacher, the reality of having to teach online and missing the opportunity to teach in a classroom somewhat scares me. The only convenience I can think of while teaching online is that we'll be in the comfort of our own homes. Having witnessed my siblings' zoom classes for the past few months, I came to the conclusion that kids really do learn better when the material is in front of them in a physical classroom. Especially children in Elementary School need hands-on experience and physical group work. If we're talking about students in high school, even then the environment of a classroom motivates them to learn and study. Teaching is much more effective in person, with a proper setting. Many things go on at home; everyone has a different story. It gets super difficult to teach and/or learn from home. 

Juliana Texley Juliana Texley 1380 Points

We go into teaching because we love those connections because they are precious. But if we have to do some remote contacts, realize that your creativity is very vital. Yes difficult. But we can do more than the minimum. I've spent the day trying to write online experiences that let mentors and children play together online. You are vital.,

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