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Ashley Edmond Ashley Edmond 965 Points

Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Ashley and I am a pre-service teacher. We currently live in a time where technology is so prevalent. What are a few ways of incorporating technology into the science classroom and how has it worked for you?

Adielys Trincado Adielys Trincado 783 Points

Hi Ashley, 

I think that technology is definitely a very important factor in today's generation especially in science, therefore, it is important to implement technology into the science classroom. Something that I found helpful in one of my science lessons is using technology to display a video about the topic being covered. For one of my inquiry lessons I shows my students a video on the properties of matter before proceeding with the lesson and I believe that it was a good way of engaging students and introducing the topic. I also think that it was helpful because students learn in different forms. For instance, some are visual learners, others learn hands on, and others are auditory learners. Therefore, using a video to introduce a topic helps cater to the learning preference of all students. 

Toni Oyama Toni Oyama 405 Points

Since technology is so prevalent in classrooms today, I have also used videos to introduce topics and get students engaged in the new concept. In the lesson I have taught, I use powerpoint slides to display information and diagrams for visual learners as I am talking too.

Jenniffer Dorcinvil Jenniffer Dorcinvil 420 Points

Hello everyone, 

With the constant advancement of technolgoy, I find it very hard not to incorparate technology into the classroom. The use of technology can allow you to share developments that are happening in other countries. Its also another way to provide visual for your students, which can benifit the students in your classroom that learn better with visuals. This forum is an example of how technology can be used in the classroom. Through this forum we are able to communicate with different edcuators and students from all over the country. The power of technology allows for us to connect with people from all over.  

Ryan Stacy Ryan Stacy 520 Points

In the classroom, we have used different resources such as BrainPOP and Edincites. These resources have been very useful and students seem to really enjoy it. Students can either learn at their own pace or enhance their learning. Technology has been super helpful.

Tara Roman Tara-Taiz Roman 4270 Points

In the classrooms I've seen teachers find activies that could be like experiments but that are online instead of physical. I have also seen many people use videos as introductory materials to lessons to give students with a more visual or even musical way of learn help. I have seen students really interested in playing science based games on things like BrainPOP as mentioned above.

Hi. Online presentations and videos are of course interesting to children. But they cannot and should not replace live activities or experiments unless they harm any living creature including humans. Live experiments and activities are obviously authentic whereas machine generated are not. I say this from my experience of science teaching using different platforms for nearly 3 decades in different countries. Best wishes. Sincerely Guruprasad.

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