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Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez 51590 Points

Great blog! You can extend the conversation in this topic, talking about your classroom safety questions and also by attending the upcoming NSTA 'Safety' web seminars scheduled on September 19, 26, and October 3rd.

The September seminars are targetted for pre-service teachers. The October 3rd seminar is for ALL educators of science. Register for free at the URL below:



Marlee Boyle Marlee Boyle 1525 Points

Hello Flavio! I am a pre-service teacher from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. A moment ago, I read the blog post 'How Safe Is Your Lab for the New School Year?' by Ken Roy. As a pre-service teacher with minimal experience in a lab setting, I have many curiosities when it comes to lab safety. I was wondering if you would be able to spread some advice on what are the best ways to control your classroom when an incident in your lab occurs. I am worried the students may panic if an experiment goes wrong and I lose control of the situation. What are the best and initial steps for how to properly control and address an unfortunate situation that may occur in a classroom? Another curiosity of mine is, how can I involve the community in my future school district when it comes to lab safety? 

Thank you, 

Marlee Boyle Wartburg College

Andrea Padilla Andrea Padilla 505 Points

Thank you, Flavio! Safety is definitely essential in the classroom. Thank you for this resource. I will be sure to check it out.

Alexis Brown Alexis Brown 735 Points

Flavio, is there any way that I can receive a recording of the upcoming web seminar? I am a pre-service educator at Wartburg College and have a night class on Mondays, so I am unable to attend any of the sessions on lab safety. However, I am very interested in the subject seeing as I have little to no experience preparing a safer classroom and am currently preparing a report on lab safety for my peers!

Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez 51590 Points

Thank you Alexis.  Please register for the program at ( All who register receive an email message with information on how to easily access the recording.

You can also find all program recordings at this URL: (

Take care,


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