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Emily Williams Emily Williams 170 Points

Being able to stay home and do your schoolwork sounds like a good idea, but it can definitely be more difficult to learn at home. How are you all dealing with the stresses of not having the hands on learning? How do you keep yoursleves focused? I would love to hear any pointers you all have!

Marissa Brooks Marissa Brooks 100 Points

Hi Emily, 

I have found that using a whiteboard sometimes helps with hands-on learning with online classes. One thing that has helped me stay focus is creating a learning space. Obviously everyone does not have the space or resources to do so but if you can I would highly recommend it.  Also, dressing as if I were going into the building has helped me focus and get into a learning mindset rather than staying in my pajamas and wanting to sleep. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you and best of luck with virtual learning! 

Denise Wright Denise Wright 450 Points

Hi Emily, 

I enjoy making learning interactive with students. I use interactive tools such as near pod. Plus, I use augmented reality in my live sessions to show models and make learning more engaging. Games are fun such as Kahoot, Gimkit, and Virtual Science Bingo. Lastly, I used the resource Skype A Scientist in which my students got to interview a NanoScientist when we were studying chemistry. I try to make online learning fun and engaging which keeps us all focused. 


Thanks, so much, Denise Wright, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 


Victoria Vaughn Victoria Vaughn 710 Points


I love your ideas for keeping students engaged! Thank you for sharing. To add to your list of games/interactive tools I would add pear deck. I just had one of my college professors use it and it's awesome. Students enter a code on their laptops/phones and it opens the powerpoint slides for them on their own devices. Teachers can make the slides as interactive as they want- students can respond to different prompts by typing, drawing, or choosing one of the given options. I think it's a great way to keep students involved and engaged. 

Brianna Spiers Brianna Spiers 250 Points

Hi Denise,

I like your ideas on how to keep students engaged online during these unprecedented times. I believe games such as Kahoot are very fun ways for students to learn or review content. The most important thing to keep in mind is to try and find ways to keep students interested in learning and staying focused. 


Brianna Spiers

Denise Wright Denise Wright 450 Points

Thanks, yes, being up beat and fun is really needed right now. I hope things will go back to "normal".

Denise Wright Denise Wright 450 Points

Hi Victoria, 

Near pod and Pear Deck are pretty similar they both make interacting with slides more interactive. I believe nearpod may have a few more features than pear deck. Near pod has virtual field trips, PhET virtual labs, and many other choices. I guess it is what you prefer. Check out my article this month in Science Scope, my column is the Online Teacher, Creating A New Environment For Science Learning. 


Thanks, Denise Wright

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