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Brianna Spiers Brianna Spiers 445 Points

The article Introduction to Heredity part 1 was very informational. As a child, my elementary science teacher posed similiar questions on traits. I particularly enjoyed how the teacher incorportated a tree map into the activity. By using the tree branches with leaves to exhibit which students possess specific traits, the students can make more inferences about inheritance. Overtime, I believe the educator can incorporate future discussion of genetics. For example, students could run an experiment to determine what traits might be passed down through generations. 


Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12358 Points

Thank you for sharing Brianna. I've done it with beans before. I think I will try this lesson. :)

Sydney Lane Sydney Lane 1690 Points

I had the same experience as you did with my own elementary science teacher!

Jacob Smith Jacob Smith 615 Points

Same here! I think I will be using this.

Courtney Eilerman Courtney Eilerman 310 Points

Me too. I really think this is a great way to introduce these topics with heredity in a way that will make sense to students and give them a good foundation for their future to come.


Rachel Dodson Rachel Dodson 485 Points

I loved the tree activity you mentioned along with all the other great introductory activities mentioned in the article! Glenco Science also has a great online simulation with traits and Punnett Squares! In the simulation the students are creating their own creature! They are given different genotypes and have to make a Punnett Square for each trait! At the end they choose one square from the Punnett Square to represent the phenotype and create their creature! 

Lauren Cramer Lauren Cramer 2025 Points

This is a really cool way to introduce these concepts. Thanks for sharing! 

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