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How to Combine Biology with other content area (collaboration?)

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Osamu Ono Osamu Ono 220 Points

Hi! Recently, I was asked to join a team that is going to lead the school to building academies for our school. Since I'm in science, I was thinking of building a science academy with medical/health, environmental, and natural resources pathways. Other than trying to fit what courses are appropriate, I think it would be important for me to present project-based learning that will require collaboration between different content teachers to help support the academy. But for my own personal benefit, since I would like to continue teaching Biology and make my class interesting, I'm wanting to look for inter-disciplinary project based learning activities for my current and future biology classes. If you have any suggestions on where I can find these type of resources, could you respond to this? Thank you!

Whitney Aragaki Whitney Aragaki 2490 Points

Hi Osamu, I am happy that your school is developing into an SLC structure. I am currently at a high school on Hawaii Island that has been in the SLC structure for 6 years. What academy will you be a part of? I am in Public Services, which helps me develop curriculum for students geared towards becoming teachers, scientists, lawyers, and military careers . I enjoy my classes because the students are like-minded and we can have very similar projects with a twist on public services. Hot topics include: population control and carrying capacity, environmental issues (i.e., pollution measures), and environmental law and jurisdiction. Currently, with Thirty Meter Telescope getting the OK, we will be having discussions on the meld of western science and indigenous culture.

Whitney Aragaki Whitney Aragaki 2490 Points

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