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Anatomy and Physiology First Year Supplies and Course Design

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Joel Schroeder Joel Schroeder 535 Points

This fall I will start my first year of teaching. I have been asked to teach Anatomy and Physiology primarily upper level college bound seniors. The school district I will be teaching at next year has never offered Anatomy and Physiology before so I am working with my principal, staff, and other contacts to develop a list of materials and curriculum for next year. Anatomy and Physiology will be a year long course. I have a couple of questions (actually much more but a couple to start with):  1. What materials/supplies are most important (or most beneficial) to have for students in an anatomy and physiology class?  2. Does anyone have any curriculum(s)/syllabi for anatomy and physiology?  Thank you

Meg Griffith Meg Griffith 130 Points

Hi Joel, Congratulations on your teaching job! I was a biology teacher for 10 years before going to Flinn Scientific to continue my career as an educator. I would highly suggest reaching out to vendors like Flinn with these types of questions. We have a great collection of resources, both free and for purchase that would be helpful for an anatomy and physiology course. I'm one of the biologists here and I spend some of my time talking with teachers about the resources that will be most helpful. Some categories of supplies include: gloves, dissection kits (tools), dissection trays, preserved specimens, microscopes, histology slides, stethoscopes, blood pressure sets, digestive enzyme lab kit, human respiration lab kit, any sort of hands on activity labs that reinforce homeostasis, kidney function lab (osmosis and diffusion), human models (torsos, organs, etc), blood typing kits (with simulated blood), and immune function kits. We have a couple of new STEM kits that would be great fits for an A&P curriculum. One challenges students to make coating for pills so that they are digested and distributed properly in the body (Called Digestive Connection STEM Design Challenge) and another has students fix broken bones using surgical methods (called Broken Bones STEM Design Challenge). In addition, since you are a new teacher, you can receive our New Teacher Survival Kit, which includes safety tips, lab handouts, a gift certificate and posters. Thanks, Meg Griffith Staff Biologist, Flinn Scientific

 Aria Moody 95 Points

You want to make sure you get a good lab manual and some specimen to dissect. It's hard to cover all the systems, so give them only the most important details. Try to keep it as quick and short as possible. I attached an old syllabus I used when I still taught A & P. Hope that helps a little.

JoAnn Byrn JoAnn Byrn 350 Points

Thank you for sharing your experience!! This is my first year teaching A & P!! Jo

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