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Emillee Medina Emillee Medina 690 Points

Hello my name is Emillee and I am a soon to be teacher and was wondering how are some ways you can do a science experiment with kindergarten and preschoolers?

Cindy Lopez Cindy Lopez 598 Points

Hello Emillee, i would recommend using cpalms and pinterest for some inspiration. One that i've used that i found kindergarten students to enjoy is where they learned what objects sink or float

Rachel Schermerhorn Rachel Schermerhorn 275 Points

Hey Emillee, I am also an elementary ed major, I used to have a job as a Kindergarten assistant for a year. One of the things that our kids LOVED was doing a pumpkin unit right before our field trip to the pumpkin patch. We started with stories about pumpkins, then we talked about the lifecycle of a pumpkin, then we got a pumpkin and had them guess how many seeds were inside. We cut it open, counted all the seeds. Then each table got a scoop of pumpkin insides and they wrote about it (and played with it of course). All the kids loved it and they just got to do a lot of exploring!

Chad James Capote Chad James Capote 180 Points

One of the simplest ways to start teaching kids is to make them understand the omnipresence of science. From lights, fans to locomotives.

Also, you can ask them to have a separate plant bowl with their names on it. They can be taught to grow simple plants (that can fit into a bowl and needs less water) by watering them regularly. The process not only touches open botany and science learning but also helps aesthetically decorate for a green classroom. From this process, photosynthesis (without chemical formulas) can be explained. 

Victoria Lagos Victoria Lagos 505 Points

One way you can do a science experiment with kindergarteners and preschoolers is called "Floater and Sinkers". The students will have to find objects that they think and/or float in either a big bowl/bucket of water or a water table. 

Emily O'Neill Emily O'Neill 455 Points

One of my favorite experiements to do with preschoolers is to have them plant seeds and watch the plant grow! 

Madison Johnson Madison Johnson 4665 Points

Im an education major as well, but last year one of my lesson plans for science was making root beer floats and discussing states of matter! The root beer was liquid, ice cream was solid, and bubbles were gas. It was really fun and the kids loved drinking them afterwards!

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