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Stewart Byrd Emily Giesinger 710 Points

What are some ways technology can be integrated in science lessons for kinder?  I want them to have hands on experiences but am not really sure what resources to use.  Thank you! 

Justine Buzon Justine Buzon 895 Points

Hi Emily, My field placement school here in Houston currently uses the Smartboard as an interactive technology that can be integrated in science lessons for younger grades. My cooperating teacher uses this website: where you can find great Smartboard activities (not only for Science) but for other subjects as well. Good luck!

Samantha Ford Samantha Ford 790 Points

Hi Emily, I just completed my field placement for the semester in a kindergarten class and I think the SmartBoard was the most used and successful source of technology that I witnessed! Utilizing the SmartBoard allows the teacher and student to actively work together in the lesson, and it's a great tool to ensure students are paying attention and involved. With SmartBoards you can project the lesson for the entire class to see, as well as use it for showing videos. The students in my field class were always the most engaged while watching videos, so I used this technology to showcase a time lapse video of flowers growing as part of my lesson on the life cycle of a plant. The students were so fascinated with the visuals presented to them, and it was unlike anything they'd ever seen before. It was so awesome to have access to this technology, because there would have been no other way to show them this type of growth in its entirety. I think utilizing the SmartBoard like this engages students and gets them super excited for what's to come in the lesson! Hope this helps! - Samantha

Diana McMillan Diana McMillan 4125 Points

My favorite technology tool for science is a digital microscope.   My students are engaged and eager to focus and document their findings. I use the 5M and wifi station from  It connects to computer and the wifi station allows it to connect to my iPads.

Lauren Cardenas lauren cardenas 1815 Points

Just by using the document camera can be a great way to integrate your science lesson so that students can see hands on.  Preferences § 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = Backspace Tab q w e r t y u i o p [ ] Return capslock a s d f g h j k l ; ' \ shift ` z x c v b n m , . / shift English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português ??????? alt alt Preferences

Itzel Zertuche Itzel Zertuche 950 Points

I observed an early childhood centers last year and they were all about technology. The students used the SMART board to play games. They would use websites like ABC mouse or IXL. The students loved going to the SMART board as a center. They would also use it to watch videos and discuss the calendar and weather.

Brooke Caskey Brooke Caskey 1285 Points

I have seen a Kindergarten classroom where they used iMovie on the iPads to record presentations and commercials explaining the concept they were learning. The students seemed very engaged and loved acting out the material. They also had to know a lot about the material in order to explain it.

Rosa Partida Rosa Partida 845 Points

Children love iPads! They love using technology to learn.

Chariss Solomon Chariss Solomon 355 Points

Hi Emily, I think the best way to integrate technology when teaching science would be the use of a SMART board. For one of the courses I took recently, I was required to teach a lesson and I decided to choose the topic science and teach about the planet Mars. What I decided to do in order to engage my students was a simulation through the SMART board about what it would be like to be on Mars. I found a 3D simulation on the NASA website and it provided the high quality visuals and sounds you would hear if you were on Mars. I had the students (my classmates) go up to the board and use the interactive pen to turn the image around and look to see what is around through the SMART board. Students were very engaged with this lesson because it made them feel as though they were on Mars. I believe that a SMART board is a great way to engage students especially with science.

Parthenopi Milios Parthenopi Milios 20 Points

Hi Emily, I recently observed in an elementary school science classroom that had obtained cheap microscopes that students could use by themselves to analyze a variety of objects in depth (there were a lot of bugs, dirt, and other things found outside). The teacher also used a Docucam to project and zoom in on interesting findings of the students, and to showcase experiments. The kids didn't need much more than that to be engaged (although I have seen other classrooms using chromebooks or ipads). I also like the idea of using ClassDojo to keep students on task and excited about science.

Tiffani Lambert Tiffani Lambert 3585 Points

Hi, a very common way that teachers are now using is to try to incorporate SMARTBOARDs in class. They are very fun and neat for the students to play with and learn on. There are many different websites that have interactive games that the students can learn from using the SMARTBOARD as well. The students will have a great playing and learning. Another way to include technology in the classroom is IPads. Recently many schools have been getting IPads for the students to use as a learning tool. They offer many apps that can benefit learning in the classroom. I hope this helps!

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