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Advice for Cheap and Free Website Resources

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Zackary Anderson Zackary Anderson 805 Points

I am currently doing practicum experiences for my teaching degree and have been creating lesson plans. More and more school districts are going 1-to-1 in my area. Some resources that I am already using include oPhysics, which has a lot of simulations and reading resources for students in physics. It's very easy to use and has a simulation for almost any middle to high school Physics lesson or topic. I also remember using PHeT simulations in some of my previous science courses which was a great way to deepen my own learning. PhEt is more interactive and could model real-life experiments. One last simulation website I recently found is SimBucket. SimBucket is much like oPhysics, where is has several chemistry and physics simulations, however, it also provides some real-life experiments, as well as videos students can watch of a real-life experiment.

What are good websites or online resources that you have found and find really beneficial? I am looking for more good simulation websites. I also want resources students can use to experiment themselves, or ways to help manage my future classroom. All resources are welcome!

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12358 Points


Have you tried NASA's website? It is loaded with information that may be of interest to help you along.


Gabby Vanwormer Gabby Vanwormer 1558 Points

Hi Zackary!

I am also a Pre-service Teacher, and during on working to get my degree, I found a couple of different websites that were great resources. The resources are Generation Genius and Teachers Pay Teachers. Generation Genius has a ton of resources for teachers available. A few examples are short videos of science experiments, lesson plans, DIY activities, and discussion questions to challenge your class. This is a K-8 resource, but it might be helpful to you. I am sure they probably have great interactive activities! Teachers Pay Teachers is another great resource to get ideas on lesson plans and worksheets. All you have to do is type the topic into the search bar! Hope this helps and good luck!

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