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Animals in a Kinder classroom

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Mariela Ramirez Mariela Ramirez 235 Points

Hello guys, I am studying to be an elementary teacher and I wanted to know if a kinder class is okay to take animals to or is it to early. There are many lessons that can be incorporated with bringing animals to the class and it allows students to have that experience and to remember it. It does worry me that students will not be able to behave and will get out of hand and in the end hurt an animal. Is it best to wait for them to grow and leave it for the later years or to find ways of preparing them? 

Jennifer Standlee Jennifer Standlee 680 Points

It is never too early to bring in animals! Anything in a glass aquarium works great! Animals that are active during the day like fish are great. A hermit crab is fun and an easy keeper.  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Elizabeth Jimenez Elizabeth Jimenez 285 Points


I think it's a great idea to bring animals to a kindergarten class. In my son's kindergarten class the teacher asked parents if they would be willing to share their pets. She asked for small animals. My son brought our beta fish and that day the student's learned about fish and the responsibility of taking care of a pet.

Yolanda Rodriguez Yolanda Rodriguez 330 Points


I believe that friendly, easy to care, animals would be great to incorporate in a Kindergarten classroom such as fish or small turtle. As long as you teach the students the proper way to handle and care for their pet you should not have a problem. It teaches the students the responsibility behind having a pet. I would teach about the care and responsibility of having a pet first and then incorporate the animal. 


Jaqueline Rios Jaqueline Rios 95 Points

I have worked with a teacher that was able to get an incubator and hatch chicks in a kindergarten! She had all the materials to be ready and had a plan to give the chicks back to a farm. So it is definitely possible to do it.

Cynthia Ruiz Cynthia Ruiz 495 Points


I think that having an animal for your Kindergarten class is a great idea.  It will teach the children how to be kind to animals.  You can refer to the class pet to remind the students to be nice to each other.  You need to teach the students how to properly take care of the pet.  The students will remember having the classroom pet.

Good luck!

Lindsay Connors Lindsay Connors 188 Points

An animal in a classroom is a great idea. It teaches students responsibility and gentlness. However, I have experienced snakes in a classroom and I was not a fan. My 4th grade teacher loved snakes and we had 4 aquariums with lizards and snakes. I dislike scaled animals and did not go near the slithering animals. I did love the hampsters that we had in our 5th grade classroom. They were sweet and fuzzy and liked to be held. 

Whether the students like the animal or not, they are a good idea.

Kayla McKenna Kayla McKenna 170 Points


I think that is a great idea. Of course, you have to be careful as some students will be a little scared or nervous of the animals, but many children at this age are extremely curious and interested in different types of animals.

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