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Christian Reed Christian 210 Points

What is a fun and engaging activity for 2nd graders learning about dinosaurs?

Laura Foley Laura Foley 160 Points

Here is a website with an example of a lesson plan you could adapt to teach 2nd graders about dinosaurs! Making it interactive and fun is key!

Liah Yi Seo Yi 1190 Points

Here is one website with abundant resources for grade 2. I found it extremely helpful because it includes various lesson plans, printable worksheets, activities, and references all about dinosaurs!

Dina Oti Dina Oti 1245 Points

Take them on a field trip! Where I come from there is a science center with an amazing dinosaur exhibit that I even find engaging. They would love an experience like it.  

Agnes Chavez Agnes Chavez 1075 Points

Loved the teaching vision video! 

Marion Harvey Marion Harvey 1010 Points

There are so many great engaging books about dinosaurs!  Even though it says these books are for Pre-K, 2nd grade would still enjoy them!

Laquiesha Estimbo Laquiesha Estimbo 2635 Points

Are there any great books for fourth grades to read about dinosaurs that they may not have been introduced to in earlier years? 

Zeben Gorman Zeben Gorman 375 Points

If we're talking field trips, There are some great sites where evidence of dinosaurs can be seen and felt all over the country. I know of one specifically in Connecticut off the top of my head. I don't know your location of course, but it's always worth a google search.

You might want to check out a blog post I wrote a while back. There are lots of links to help keep up with recent changes in dino names and other fun news. Also some book suggestions.

Laura Palermo Laura Palermo 655 Points

Have the students go on a "dinosaur dig"! I did this in first grade and have always remember it as one of my favorite memories from elementary school! 

Muneeza Dhukka Muneeza Dhukka 755 Points

Dinosaurs would be something I feel like would be very fun to teach! I can imagine children of all ages being fascinated by dinosaurs. Unfortunately this topic has been eliminated from our curriculum at my school and we no longer have the time to teach this :(

Jaida Bennett Jaida Bennett 3730 Points

To engage your students in dinosaurs, I think you should have them read a book (on their level) about dinosaurs. You can make a huge T-Rex template and have each student color a part of the dinosaur, once the individual parts are completed, they can be put together to create one, giant, cohesive picture. This activity can help them learn the body parts of a dinosaur. The students can also go on a field trip that has a dinosaur exhibit. 

Olivia Yoo Ji Hyun Yoo 805 Points

Taking them to a nearby museum is a really good idea. 2nd graders are always fascinated by everything they see at the museum to my experience.

Griselda Ibarra Griselda Ibarra 975 Points

I found this great activity on Pinterest. I hope it helps!!!

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