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Caitlin Dreismeier Caitlin Dreismeier 360 Points

Hello! I am a pre-service teacher from Wartburg College and I was wondering if anyone has any cool or interesting science experiment demonstrations that could be done over Zoom? I will potentially be student teaching over Zoom next semester and will need some fun ideas to keep students engaged in science. Thank you in advance for all your help!

Wanda McRae-Jones Wanda McRae-Jones 1940 Points

Hi Caitlin!  Explore Learning ( is a website with science and math interacitve gizmos that can engage your students in an virtual setting. Search gizmos by standards, grade, or topic.  You can use this for a 5 min. demonstration as the teacher.  However, if your school purchases it, you can set up classes.  They have lesson plans and student pdfs that can be uploaded to Google for students to work on.


Anna O'Brien Anna O'Brien 1750 Points

Hi Caitlin, 

I just finished student teaching sixth-grade science. I did a few science demonstrations while teaching virtually! My students were learning about Force, Motion, and Gravity, so my demonstrations fit into these topics. The first demonstration I did was the Gravity Water Cup Drop demonstration. The SciGuys on YouTube do a great job explaining this demonstration. I used their video to create my own demonstration video for my students. I just recorded myself doing the demonstration, going between slow motion and regular motion. When doing demonstrations virtually, I always pre-recorded myself doing them and integrated them into my lesson plans. I was able to stop, ask questions, and replay portions of the videos. The students really enjoyed seeing me do the demonstrations. For my contact force lessons, I recorded myself pulling a laundry bag, pushing a box, dropping paper, and a book sitting on my table, and students thought about the forces involved in each situation. These were simple, but effective demonstrations! Hope this helps!



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