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Ashley Elizondo Ashley Elizondo 180 Points

Hello everyone, my name is Ashley I am a student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley pursuing a major in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Bilingual Education. I plan to teach Kindergarten through Second Grade.  How could STEM be implemented while allowing English Language Learners to effectively understand the content? Can STEM be integrated in grade levels as early as Pre-K and Kinder?

Alexandra Castro Alexandra Castro 880 Points

Hello Ashley!

I am also a college student majoring in bilingual education. One idea I got by reading your post was incorporating books that talk about engineers and scientists. I know The University of Houston has a book store called Arte Publico where teachers can buy biliingual books. Here is the link in case you are interested. I hope this helps!

Anne Lowry Anne Lowry 6750 Points

Hi Ashley

Think of is as sensemaking through STEM; children start that in infancy!   Watch an infant discover feet, roll a ball, etc.  You are watching an engineer at work

I'd start by looking up sensemaking in the learning center and looking at STEM Teaching Tools



Carmen Vanderhoof Carmen Vanderhoof 135 Points

Yes, you can definitely introduce engineering to early grades. Young kids are so creative and really enjoy figuring out how things work. I suggest starting with a material exploration (sensory experience) and then engage them in solving a problem using what they know about the properties of materials. For example, allow kids to see what types of materials float and which ones sink. Then ask them which ones they could use to create a boat. Once they test their boat, allow them the opportunity to revise their design and test again. 

If you're looking for a curriculum to try out, check out Engineering is Elementary: 

The website has lots of videos that may give you ideas too.

Hope this helps!


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