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Kassidy Shaw Kassidy Shaw 225 Points

Hello everyone! I am currently studying to get my initial K-6 licensure at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. I am taking a Teaching Science course and learning all about science curriculum, best practices, and content. I am having to go to my field placement schools and teach a science lesson. To my understanding, science lessons require a lot of classroom managment and established expectations. Being that I am only teaching one science lesson, I will not have much rapport with the class reguarding expectations and behavior. I was wondering if any experienced teachers whom have had interns teach science have any advice on what topics to teach, and how to best establish those ground rules so that the lesson runs smoothly? Thank you! 

Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5755 Points

I have not worked with interns, but I would think that if you're worried about classroom management, you could take a few approaches:

  • demonstration instead of an experiment
  • work with models instead of chemicals 
  • have students spend a few minutes brainstorming 'lab rules' before the experiment so they have ownership

Brittany Joachim Brittany Joachim 315 Points

If you talk about lab expectations before the lab that would be helpful.

I usually include

-Stay with your lab group

-Work as a team

-Try your best

Maybe having a prize or incentive during the lab would be helpful.  Lab group who I see working like a team the most gets stickers... I would also give lots of positive reinforcement/encouragment and always be monitoring all areas of the room (a very impossible task ha!).

Abbey King Abbey King 640 Points

Hi! I'm not an experienced teacher, but I am currently shadowing a teacher for my licensure and degree requirements. I thought I would share what she does in the classroom because I think it is great. 

She has a quote up on the board that says listening helps me learn and learning gives me knowledge. She often reviews this at the beginning of her lessons with the whole class. She will start the quote and then ask them to finish each part. This gets everyone focused for the lesson. She also has a board that says 'give me 5' and it asks the students to pay attention with all of their senses (eyes, ears, mouths, brain, and body). She will review this at the beginning of a lesson or in the middle of a lesson if the students aren't focusing. 

I am also taking a class right now that emphasizes the use of phenomena driven science instruction. I think this could be a great idea for a class you may not have a lot of rapport with because it is a fun and interactive lesson. You could have a poaster board with rules at the front of the classroom so the students are safe and respectful and go back to them if they are not focused. 

Stephanie Wendt Stephanie Wendt 5713 Points

Hi, Abbey! The formative assessment 'Give me Five' is explained in Page Keeley's formative assessment book, along with many other great ideas that help with classroom management. You should check them out!You can look up her books within the NSTA website and the NSTA LC may have samples available.

Callie Cook Callie Cook 714 Points

The 'give me 5' technique is very usefful to gain their attention. As a student teacher make sure you know what all your teacher expects out of the students on a regular basis. This will help you enforce the same ground rules that way the students understand that you expect the same out of them. Your teacher will also have a lot of tips specifically for tha class. Each class reacts differently and that teacher will know a lot of tips and tricks specifically for them.

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