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Discrepant events

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Sheila Falgout Sheila Falgout 900 Points

I am looking for some good resources for Discrepant Events for 3-5th grades. Thanks!

Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

I did an Advanced Search on "discrepant events" in "NSTA collections" and found a host of resources you can possibly use. Here is the link: http://learningcenter.nsta.org/search.aspx that will take you to the Advanced Search.

Dianne Spencer Dianne Spencer 1140 Points

Sheila, Take a look at this NSTA resource. I'm sure you will find an activity you like! Dianne http://static.nsta.org/files/PB271Xweb.pdf

Dianne Spencer Dianne Spencer 1140 Points

Here is another. http://www.unco.edu/nhs/physics/faculty/willis/1MethodsDemos/demos99.pdf Dianne

Katherine Jurisich Katherine Jurisich 1365 Points

Awesome ideas and resources! Thanks!

Sheila Falgout Sheila Falgout 900 Points

Thank you so much, Diane - these are excellent and exactly what I was looking for!

Brooke Raney Brooke Raney 1485 Points

Is air matter? http://youtube.com/watch?v=6T3ajPrFYAQ

Belinda Perez Belinda Perez 1000 Points

Soap Souffle http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/lab/experiments/soap-souffle

Connie Davidson Connie Davidson 800 Points

I have a discrepant event that covers states of matter such as solid, liquid, gas and relative density

Lucia Martinez Lucia Martinez 1145 Points

Awesome ideas! I love the resources!

Sarah Kindel Sarah Kindel 1255 Points

I did the Steve Spangler Dancing Spaghetti this past week for class. It was great in theory, but could have used some work. I had peers do dancing lentils and raisins, and those were significantly better!

Ashlea Creel Ashlea Creel 1215 Points

States Of Matter Discrepant Event. This could be used for 2-5 grade.


Oobleck.docx (0.01 Mb)

Roxana Gonzalez Roxana Gonzalez 1615 Points

I recently did a discrepant event demonstration for my science methods course and YouTube lets you see various discrepant events being performed.

Nydia Alvarado Nydia Alvarado 715 Points

I found this really good resource online that could help! http://mmmaddy123.wix.com/madelinesuertheled305#!__page-1

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