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Virginia Harris Virginia Harris 935 Points

In our district we use the I, We, You lesson plan format. The first part is the Bell Ringer or hook. To me that is the first "E" engage. Then I do the introduction which most of the time incorporates explaining the bell ringer. That would be the second "E" elaborate. Now the explore and explain would be in the "You do part" when the students are learning. Then the last part is the evaluate. This would be my assessment (quiz or test) or just a few closing questions to see if the students are understanding. I do like the concept of the 5E's it seems like it makes planning easy. I was also curious about some of the questions about if some of the phases can be deleted. I agree with the author. You can't do one or part of the 5E's they go together. They also need to taught in the order they are in. I also like that the author said evaluation is continuous. We as educators should constantly evaluated our students progress in class. The can be done through test, quiz, questioning feedback, or simple observation.

Krystine Sechler Krystine Sechler 340 Points

What are your preferred ways to asses and evaluate your students? Do you stick strictly to tests and quizzes, or are there other assessments that you use?

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