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Haley Thomas Haley Thomas 855 Points

I have been in a 5th grade field placement for about 3 months now. I love the teachers I work with as well as the kids. A few of the kids have gotten a little too relaxed around me and think that they do not have to listen to me. How can I reverse this damage and change their view that I am just there to be a friend?

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92364 Points

We only have a few weeks of school remaining. It is much harder to fix the issue now than it would have been initially. Having said that, though, it is never too late. It may be slow going, but I would start reinforcing the behavior that you want. Those students who are treating you with respect as their teacher would be the ones I would highlight and make comments on. Just be consistent, even though it may be tiring, you will see the others come around.

Haley, I am also having the same trouble with my 1st graders, I thought since they are younger and make connections pretty quickly that it is normal but it has reached the point where they misbehave because of the trust that has been formed, they don't see me as an enforcer of the rules. I think since it is the end of the semester the damage will be harder to reverse but I did start implementing consequences for those who misbehaved. I spoke to my cooperating teacher about the problem and she guided me towards finding a solution. I suggest to speak to your CT, colleagues and maybe even consult some books. I think I will definitely do that for my next semester. Best of luck! Anayeli

Anum Khoja Anum Khoja 1130 Points

I think that you should enforce rules a little bit more, tell the students what is expected of them and tell them the consequences the comes along with breaking the rules. This will prove to them that you are actually there to teach and that they should listen to you.

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