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Sarah Ramstrom Sarah Ramstrom 605 Points

I am collaborating on a 2 week unit in my Science Methods class. We have our 10 days all planned out and we have to present one of the days lesson plan to our class. We have chosen to present the lesson plan for day 4 when we the teachers will provide a mock interview. In this interview we will display appropriate questions to ask during the interview process and point out interview etiquette as we display it. In return the students will develop teacher approved interview questions using appropriate interview language. The groups will practice mock interviews in their groups. This will allow the students to practice for the last day of the unit when they are presenting their idea of implementing composting bins to school and county officials. Have any teachers on here done mock interviews in a Science class? Do students typically like this day? Is there something better we could do? We are thinking about changing that day to something that might be more intriguing to students, something that will keep them wanting to come back and learn more about the process of implementing and such. We would love some feedback, thank you. 

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92364 Points

I think the interviews are a great idea and will be very helpful for the moment when they have to do an actual interview. Have you thought about having the students video each other? They can watch it back to see what they did well and what they can improve on. Maybe you can watch some bloopers of Bill Nye's videos so they can see that everyone needs to practice and it is ok to make a mistake.

Sarah Ramstrom Sarah Ramstrom 605 Points

Pamela, Thank you so much for your feedback, we love your idea of videotaping each other as a way to assess themselves as students. I never thought of this and would think that it could be a neat way of incorporating science, language arts, and a different type of art all into one unit.

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