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Wajid Hussain Wajid Hussain 90 Points

Dear NSTA colleagues,


IN4OBE is organizing a Global Virtual OBE Summit 2022 Aug 12-14 2022.

We are estimating a multinational attendance of 2000 - 5000 attendees (reach out is to educators and stakeholders in 30+ countries, especially developing countries).

The objective of the Summit is to invite individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and every concerned stakeholder of the community, country, and the world to join and/or be heard about what you think, believe, and do in education as an essential and indispensable means to transform lives, build communities and shape the future for humanity. Share ideas, models, practices and your own successful initiatives or experiences in transformational education. These can be in the form of research findings, public service and extension projects, and institutional development and innovation programs.

In pursuit of its Values-Vision-Mission and Strategic Goals, the IN4OBE Global Virtual Summit 2022 generally intends to provide a venue to all stakeholders of the learning communities to gather and exchange practical and insightful experiences responsive to educational concerns of all times that empower lifelong learners to become responsible stewards and leaders of a livable future.

If there is anyone in the NSTA community that may be interested in this virtual impactful opportunity to share your learning/experience/expertise with an earnest and seeking global audience or would recommend someone (for presenting 2 hour workshops or 20 minute presentations in any of the tracks, themes and topics) please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

You may send 500 word proposals in multiple topics of more than one theme in any track.

You may review further details at:

There are three tracks of the Summit:

Title: Transforming Education and Empowering Learners

Track1: Humanities and Social Sciences

Track 2: Computing, Engineering and Technology

Track 3: Physical and Medical Sciences

5 Topics for Theme 1: Models of Learning – Moving from Principles to Practices

Effectively Designing and Implementing Qualification Frameworks

Defining Learning Outcomes and Integrating them into Curriculum

Implementing Effective Instructional Strategies

Assessing Outcomes, Skills and Competencies

Practical Models for Both Quality and Accreditation

5 Topics for Theme 2: Organizational Change – Mitigating Limitations for Capacity Building

Leading Transformational Change in Education

Defining and Achieving Institutional Effectiveness for Transformational Education

Managing Educational Systems for Learner Empowerment

Expanding Enrollment and Retention with Empowered Learners

Faculty Training and Development for Transformational Education

5 Topics for Theme 3: Technology in Education – Challenges and Benefits

Smart Schools and Learning Environments

Designing for Effective Learning Using Digital Technology

AI and Machine Learning

Automating Assessment and Evaluation

Digital Divide

Thank you very much for your time to read this message.



Dr. Wajid Hussain

B.E. (Osm.), M.S. (Texas A&M), PhD (Flndrs.)

Chief Operations Officer 


7901 4th St. N STE 4848

St. Petersburg, FL 33702 USA

E | [email protected]


P | +1-800-562-3940


Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12048 Points

Thank you for sharing the invitation to attend a conference I have never heard of. I had an opportunity to check out the line up of presenters on your website. Impressive! Resonalble price to attend too. I hope to see you there. :) 

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