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Rodney Olson Rodney Olson 385 Points

Does anyone use online homework sites such as WebAssign, or Pearson’s sites such as MasteringPhysics or MasteringAstronomy? I have used all three of those sites for the past two years, but want to know how many others use them and what their experiences are with them. What do you like about them? What do you not like about them? Does anyone use Expert TA? Does anyone know of free sites that are similar to the ones mentioned above, and if so, how do they match up?

Leslie Burleson Leslie Burleson 160 Points

I have used Pearsons. The problem with this is that my kids do not have computers at home.

Cris DeWolf Cris DeWolf 11965 Points

I have used Prentice Hall's Lab Bench and BioCoach, but only for review or lab make up. Like Leslie, I have too many students without computer access at home.

Steve Kirsche Stephen Kirsche 8995 Points

I agree with Leslie's post -- the problem with online assignments is that you invariably seem to get a student who doesn't have access!

Rebecca Falin Rebecca Falin 71530 Points

We have a one-to-one program so all our students have computers, but there's still the issue of Internet access. About 30% of our students lack internet at home. I wish there were more downloadable programs, such as PhET. I have the PhET suite of sims installed at the beginning of the year and assign some homework on those.

Ashley Kirkwood Ashley Kirkwood 455 Points

Do you use the online resources as a homework assignment? Or another way for students to explore ideas? How do you regulate it?

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