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Basic Animal Needs- Activities

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Angela Holland Angela Holland 510 Points

 I am creating a science lesson plan on The Basic Needs of Animals. I'm having trouble thinking of a fun and exciting project for my students. Does anyone have any ideas that I could possibly do with my first grade students? Thank you!

Lindsey Huynh Lindsey Huynh 650 Points

Hi, I'm student teaching in Kindergarten and my plan for basic needs of animals is to have a class pet. In my classroom, my mentor teacher thought having a real animal for a pet wouldn't be the best idea for Kindergarten. So, we're going to have a toy stuff animal and pretend it was real. Every day, different students will get a different responsibility to care for it. I think this would be a great way to engage my student in a fun activity and everyone can take part in different ways so no one is left out!

Natalie Bolivar Natalie Bolivar 2310 Points

Hello, maybe as a class you could make a mind map on animal's basic needs. In the middle you could write "Animal Basic Needs" and have connecting concepts such as food, shelter, water and air. This can be drawn on poster paper and put up as a visual in the classroom. Hope it helps!

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